Diversity Focused.
Profit Driven.

 Who We Are and What We Do

Virtcom Consulting is a global diversity consultancy recognized for our innovative solutions. Our core philosophy can be summed up as: Diversity focused. Profit driven. Our unique products, such as The Diversity Business Case and ROI Plan,focus on driving bottom-line value for our clients and our main service lines are comprised of:

Virtcom Consulting - Strategy Solutions

Strategy Solutions

Virtcom helps clients bring diversity to the forefront of their organizations by finding the linkages between the core business strategy and diversity goals.

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Virtcom Consulting - Training


These engaging programs are available in face-to-face, electronic, and train-the-trainer formats for everyone from the C-Suite to middle managers to the sales force and front-line employees.

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Virtcom Consulting - Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is about expanding the boundaries of human knowledge by engaging in original research, sharing insights and developing new conceptual paradigms.

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The World Diversity Leadership Network

The World Diversity Leadership Network is a global community of business, government, NGO and nonprofit leaders committed to diversity.


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